The Necessity of Apologetics in Spiritual Warfare

The Atheist’s Moral Catch-22

Completely Sovereign, or Completely Free?

Paul, the Apostle: Eyewitness, or Epileptic?

Concerning the Prophet Muhammad’s View of the Gospels from (an Interpretation of)
the Earliest Arabic Sources

The Proverbs 31 MAN

Where is God?

John 14: Jesus is God (Part 1)

John 14: The Holy Spirit is God (Part 2)

I’m an American, and Here is Why Duterte is My President

God of Wrath, or God of Grace?

Love is…

5 Things Christians Believe that Christianity Doesn’t Actually Teach

We Don’t Exist for Mission, We Exist for Worship

Relationships Are Hard, and So Is Your Head

Reflections on Proverbs 6: Seven Things

Reflections on Adultery from Proverbs 5

Reflections on Becoming What You Never Wanted to Become

Why Obedience to Secular Authority is Essential to Godliness

Reflections on the Blasphemy of the Holy Spirit (Part 2)

Reflections on the Blasphemy of the Holy Spirit (Part 1)

Reflections on Foreign Aid

Reflections on a Holistic Gospel

Reflections on Salt and Light

Reflections on Feeling Forsaken

Reflections on Zechariah

Reflections on Love and Freedom

Reflections on Grace Through Others

Reflections on Joy in Suffering

Reflections on Contextualization

Reflections on Zephaniah

A Discipleship Model

A Chronology of Events from 1&2 Corinthians

Reflections on Counsel from Proverbs

An End Times Timeline

Thoughts on the Fall of Mars Hill Church (Seattle)

How to Love Women Well

Reflections on 1 Thessalonians 5:8-10

Restoration and the Gospel

Rituals, Rites, and Festivals in the Old Testament

Isaiah 12 and the Kingdom of God

God: Our Perfectly Loving Father

What Not to Do in Regards to Depression

Refined by God: Through the Fire

Jonah and the Will of God

10 Proofs that God is Actually Really Funny

Thoughts on Biblical Interpretation

Traditionally Non-Traditional Communion

Speech and Holiness

Music: Spiritually Empowering?

International Mission and Why You Should Too

Seeking and Seeing Jesus

Identity Reminders from Ephesians 1&2

Shame and Glory

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