Reflections on Jesus of Nazareth

The question that has been asked of Jesus for centuries is a question still asked today: “who is this man?” (reflecting on John 9-10) Those that followed Him saw the wind and waves bow at the command of His word, yet they voiced the same confusion. The religious leaders of Jesus’ day witnessed blind men receive sight and the lame walk again and, with amazement, wondered who could do such a thing. Men and women today see billions captivated by His completely unconditional love, grace, and mercy and, confused, ask how such can even be possible.

Those that seek by choosing to follow Christ even in their doubt and confusion find the answer to their question. Simon Peter, one of the twelve men that followed Jesus said, “we have COME TO KNOW that you are the Christ, the One sent by God.”

Peter did not allow his wonder about who Jesus was to stay in the realm of wonder; he sought to follow Jesus in relationship even in the midst of doubt and confusion. Coming to faith in Christ is not about having all of your questions and doubts answered, it is about going on a journey with Jesus; a journey which assuredly will answer the question, “who is this man?

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