Reflections on Gideon and Decisions

The story of Gideon becoming one of the great judges of Israel thematically revolves around this man, Gideon, regularly communicating with God through both fear and indecision. All Gideon cried was, “please Lord, show me that you are able to do what I am unable to do; that you are able to guide me where I cannot yet see.” And God provided, from beginning to end, a fleece (a sign) that He was with Gideon to both guide and empower him to accomplish all that God had planned for him and the greater nation of Israel.

I don’t particularly believe in “fleece theology” as something one should regularly practice today, but I do believe that God illuminates just enough to allow one to understand, and be confident in, their next step. Dawson Trotman said it like this:

If you cannot see very far ahead, go ahead as far as you can see.

Pairing this idea with a Biblical understanding of the fact that God miraculously reveals things to us goes a long way when deciding what to do next, what to refrain from, and how to plan for the future. The reason we go ahead as far as we can see is because we believe that as far as we can see is exactly where God wants us to go before He allows us to see even farther ahead. Go as far as you can see, until you see a reason not to go any farther. And when you reach that point, prayerfully wait for the light to illumine the next steps.

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