Reflections on Identity

I was… (Ephesians 2) I am… (Ephesians 1)
Dead in my sin (v. 1) Holy and blameless (v. 4)
A son of disobedience (v.2) A son of God (v.5)
Walking with Satan (v.2) Called and chosen to walk with Jesus (v. 4; 18)
A child of wrath (v. 3) Forgiven, adopted – even as a child of wrath, taught how to live as an adopted child of God instead of an abused child of Satan (v. 5-9)
Living based on emotions (v. 3) Able to live according to His will, separate from emotions because of hope for heaven (v. 7-12)
Separated from Christ (v. 12) One with Christ (v. 3-14)
Excluded from the promises of God to Israel (v. 12; 14-16) An heir to an inheritance; blessed with every spiritual blessing (promise) (v. 3; 11)
Without hope (v. 12) Saved, sealed, called, filled (v. 13; 18; 23)
Without God (v. 12) God’s possession which brings Him glory (v.14)
Without access to God (v. 18) Seated next to God in His household (v. 3-14; 2:19)
A stranger and alien in this world (v. 19) Part of a family on Earth where Jesus is the father (v. 22-23)

Who do you believe that you are?

What we believe about who we are directly correlates with what we do and how we act. We should live in accordance with who we really are in Christ not because we have to – for our freedom  in Christ allows us to live any way we like, even if it is utterly foolish – but because it is the only logical thing to do.  If I believe that “I am a painter” then I act in accordance with that belief; I go out and paint! If I believe that I am generous, I act generously. If I believe that I am worthless, I live as if that were true.

You are not a career

You are not a parent

You are not a victim

You are not a spouse

You are not a moral standard

You are an adopted, holy, blameless, blessed, redeemed, called, forgiven, sealed, filled, chosen child of God. Your identity does not consist of what you do or what you have done. It consists of whom He says you are and has made you to be.

Yes, you were uniquely made for a unique task by a creatively loving God. (Ephesians 2:10, Psalm 139:13)

Who do you believe that you are?

The more we meditate on what the Bible says about who we are, the more we tend to believe it and act on it. The more we meditate on who the world says we are, the more we tend to believe that and act on that.

Meditate on what God says about who you are daily and watch how He changes the way you act (and in many cases, the way you feel).

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